Quality & Safety

Solar PV systems are safe when installed properly and when high quality components are used. Generally, there is a risk from electrocution when Solar PV systems are online and it is advised that before any maintenance is carried out, the system be disconnected from the grid. The risk of fire is very real and this can occur because of inferior quality junction boxes and poor quality cable and wiring used.

At Ecosensa, we insist all our suppliers only use TUV certified products and that their TUV certification is up to date. In most cases TUV certification only last two years so ensure your solar panels have up to date TUV certification. As mentioned before, we assess all critical components which make a solar panel, even down to the EVA polymers used.

By partnering with Leoni, a world renowned maker cables and wires based in Switzerland, we are able to give you a guarantee that the cables used in your systems will last the 21 years of your REPPA contract with TNB. The cables are guaranteed for 25 years and more and are flame retardant. We have tried burning these cable and subjected them to our own oven test and we are confident Leoni cable will not fail.

Don’t trust the REPPA with TNB?

We can assure all our customers that the contract with TNB is legally binding and if they fail to deliver on their promises, there are legal avenues which can be taken should you feel dissatisfied with their service or if they fail to pay.

Should you chose the path of being self sufficient, Ecosensa is also able to allow you to disconnect from the grid but with the added benefit of being still able to use TNB power during times when the sun fails to deliver enough energy for your home.