Feed in Tariff Investment

Feed in Tariff Malaysia has a goal to provide you, as the investor, a guaranteed return on your investment once the system has been installed and accredited. It’s suitable for most properties to have more than one system. The level of your possible returns, however, will still be determined depending on the characteristics of your property (e.g. your land area and/or your roof pitch direction).

Under the Renewable Energy Act, Renewable Energy Sources such as Solar PV is entitled for Feed in Tariff rates. There are many reasons why Feed in Tariff makes an extremely attractive investment. These are:

  • Guaranteed return of investment
  • Low risk
  • Tax efficient
  • Inflation Protection

Feed in Tariff is a good investment because not only that you’ll get paid for the electricity you’ve generated, but you’ll also be able to contribute, together with other countries, to world’s environmental sustainability campaign.