Full Service Provider

All-in-One Solar Provider

 is a one stop solar service provide that takes care of every step during your switch to clean energy.

  • 1. Oversee entire project
  • 2.Single point of contact and accountability
  • 3.Take care of every stage of project from design to commissioning
  • 4.Provide maintenance services and ongoing system monitoring

Application fo Government Incentives

We’re will help you to identify all the qualifying incentives for your system and filed the required application. We are a government recognised service provider for submission of necessary application.

Liaison with Authorities

Our company ensures that your PV system can be commissioned timely and in accordance to authorities regulations

  • 1.Suruhanjaya Tenaga – Registration and Licensing of PV generating system
  • 2.TNB – Application to grid connect PV system
  • 3.Authorities Inspection for completed system before commissioning
  • 4.Application for Enhanced Feed in Tariff (FiT)