Design & Consultation

Every Solar Project is Unique

We utilise professional site shading assessment tools as well as shading and energy simulation software for new development projects. In addition, we have a team of in house CAD drafters to provide easy to understand conceptual drawings and construction to both clients and consultant teams.We know every home and building is different. Our knowledgeable solar consultants will work with you to meet your energy needs, financial goals and architectural style. We will conduct a site audit for proposed installation site before drafting a set of energy and financial analysis report as well as conceptual drawing based on your needs.

Ecosensa provides project specific analysis reports that includes expected system yield, financial analysis and payback reports to the client to ensure that the client can make the best decision.

Good Design Yield High Performance

With our advanced simulation program and experienced designers, the system that we design consistently yield high performance.

Ecosensa‘s project consistently delivers high performance ratio which means high energy yield to our client and faster returns on investment. This attributes to good design practice and the usage of high quality products.


Constantly Improving

Ecosensa constantly gathers data to improve our design based on various locations and installation types. Through this, we are able to give performance warranty to our customers and deliver the best yield in the industry.