Founder's Statement


At EcoSensa, the nature, the earth, and your interest is our #1 priority.



Investments in Renewable Energy are vital to the success of our nation to reduce the carbon footprint by 40% by year 2020. It is proven that Solar Energy is one of the best solution to make the earth greener. These investments are proven to have economic and societal value. Studies have shown that investments in Renewable Energy can produce a rate of return to society significantly higher than fixed deposit investments or traditional economic development projects. Despite these encouraging reports, we do not see any quality, personalized Renewable Energy Solar Solution providers. This is why  EcoSensa was founded. The aim of EcoSensa is enable the citizen of planet earth to go GREEN and be ECO-FRIENDLY. Our vision is to make everyone able to go green at a affordable price. We are determined to be the frontier leader in applying advanced technology, knowledge of new science to spark new generation of ideas about Renewable Energy. EcoSensa’s aim is to combine scientific insights, creative approach & practical experience in our products and solutions. The goal is to reduce cost of the products and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the solution and achieve substantial impacts of saving the earth for our children, our nation future. At EcoSensa, the nature, the earth and your interest is our #1 priority.


 Mr K.K. Kong

 Founder of EcoSensa